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3 Days left…

I love 6th grade, and that’s why it’s so difficult to accept that its ending soon. I have 3 days left of school and I’m going to have fun with it. I don’t want school to end, I’m sure I’m the only one, but everyday it’s becoming more and more of a reality. I want to tell people about one of my favorite teachers. I’m not going to write about Mrs. Rombach from Mrs. Rombach reads, because that would be too obvious. I’m going to write about my math teacher (I’m not going to use her real name) Mrs. M. She has helped me come so far and I love so much as a teacher. She was very sweet and nice when she needed to and she got strict if she needed. She is the best math teacher I could have ever asked for and I really wish she could be my algebra teacher next year!

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Writing Prompts!!!

I was offshore fishing, 60 miles from the coast, when I realized the boat was sinking. We were out swimming that day in celebration for the first day of summer. Our boat was a nice size, about 20 yards long. Their was a smooth breeze that cooled us off just right. I just finished a dive to see the nice reef. I saw a few nurse sharks but they don’t attack.

When I got back on the boat something huge slammed itself to the side of the boat. In Australia its not uncommon for the wildlife to try and get the humans attention to play, but this is not playful. Something is out there. When I look down I see a shadow that looks 10 yards long, about half the size of our boat. I knew right away, a great white is here to attack, and its hungry. This side of the coast doesn’t have many fish good for eating. I assume the shark doesn’t know that so he’s going hungry.

Right after a ramble in my head explaining to myself why the great white is here, I jumped into action. I ran to the front of the boat and to the steering wheel so I can get us all out of here and leave the shark so none of us get harmed. As soon I attempted to turn on the motor I knew we were in for it. When the shark rammed into the boat, It broke the motor and made a big gash in the side of the boat. I yanked the radio out of my bag and called for help. I gave coordinates and leaped to stop us from sinking. I told my cousin and sister to inflate the life raft and make sure the necessities are put in. I told my dad and aunt to  chum the water (put in bloody fish and meat) to distract the shark in case we do go down. Last, I radio one more time to see how close the rescue is. The boat was almost a fourth in the water so I was getting very worried. Five minutes later help arrived and we got brought back and our boat was towed by a towing boat. We got our boat fixed and went out 3 months later. We never saw that shark ever again.

Thank you Eric for this amazing writing prompt!

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Nepal’s earthquake

Nepal had an earthquake a few weeks a go. I have known  about Nepal since I was in 4th grade. I had a friend who actually JUST moved from Nepal then and I thought it was so cool! Her father spent every 3 months alternating between Nepal and america. I was so upset about the earthquake because I knew my old friend would. My prayers go out to my old friend and I hope Nepal can get better soon!

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I wrote More!

I wrote more Limericks to share with you!


Who wants a yellow popsicle

with a lop-sided icicle

it tastes very good

so gobble it soon

or I will eat the popsicle





their is a nest in my messy hair

their is a flying pig that stares

with a cow and bird

and a horse herd

just because of my messy hair




I’m writing a limerick

I dont know what to say in it

but I’m very bored

so I found a sword

but I still don’t know what to write in my Limerick

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Can we have tea?

In Honor of National Limerick day!


I would love to have tea at noon

so let me get ready real soon

use makeup at 10:00

the next hour again

I have to cancel, see you soon




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If you don’t know who this is than you need to click here and come back. Ill be waiting.

Have you gone? Good! So, Karmin really inspires me! The band with two people Amy and Nick. They started from doing covers on their YouTube channel and in the end they got a record deal. I wrote this blog post because they are under- appreciated. Amy and Nick have real talent and are amazing. PLEASE GO AND SUBSCRIBE TO THEM ON YOUTUBE AND FOLLOW THEM ON INSTAGRAM!

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My Top 10 Beauty products!!!! ;)

Even though I’m in 6th grade I still like makeup and flawless skin! I don’t have very much compared to other people but I do have enough for my age. I still want more items even though (like I said) I have enough. This is a top 10 countdown for my favorite beauty products!


10. I love to keep my skin Clean And Clear with my advantage moisturizer.


9. I could not live without my Double Dare lip gloss by MAC.

Image result for mac double dare lip gloss


8. Gotta love that waterline eyeliner. ( I have almost poked my eye out about a million times with this)

7. My favorite mascara in the world for lower lashes!
6. Lets not forget about those top lashes too!
5. Now lets give some credit for these brushes! These are a great set of brushes for a beginner in makeup like me. These brushes pick up light amounts of brushes and I love it!
4. lots of love to that eye shadow! I love these little travel-size pallete from L’Oreal! Their skin tone colors are perfect for people who don’t want to be too bold.
3. I love Taylor Swifts perfume! (especially if I put it in my hair every time I move my hair you can smell it!)
2. I cant live without Claire’s makeup pallete! This is fantastic for starters because their are so many colors to play around with!
Image result for makeup
I love all makeup! This list is not in any order! Tell me your favorite makeup products below!
( all photos from google)


Luis Rasilvi via Compfight


Let the sun kiss your cheek.

Let the sun overtake the sky as it pushes away the rain.

Let the sun sing a happy song in your ear in tune with all of the birds.

Let the sun brush my hair as it bleaches with light.

Let the sun consume the world with bright and happiness with all the colors of the rainbow

Let the sun sweep away the darkness as if it was a broom sweeping away the dirt from the sky

I love the sun.


This poem is inspired by Hughes Langston and his poem April Rain Song


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What will I do today! Oh I know! HIDE AND SEEK, but I don’t have anyone to play with. Well, I do have a lot of homework to do. But I’m too stressed about all of that I want to make a game that de-stresses me. What should I do? Hide And Seek is always fun, but I’m scared that someone will jump out at me. I KNOW! I will throw things behind me into the little bit of woods beside my house, and then ill try to find them! That sounds like fun! Good thing there is no poison ivy! But what will I call this new game? I know, THROW AND SEEK!

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My International Day? Well its…

If I were to have an international day, mine would be called Wednesday weekend. It would be a month long and happen every Wednesday. Every child in school would get Wednesday off. It would be a sort of student appreciation month. Students would have extra time to relax and study. I feel it would boost kids grades if people did this every semester because it would give students the extra relax time and study time especially for kids struggling. I would advertise it by posting it on Google Plus and Instagram  and all networks I can. I would try and get a ad up on the LOUDOUN COUNTY WEBSITE. If this would happen, for the first Wednesday I would throw a party to celebrate student appreciation Wednesday Weekend.

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